Welcome to The Sensible Surrogate

Nemo, a very satisfied client

The Sensible Surrogate is a locally owned Boulder pet care business that caters to the personal needs of you and your pets. Our philosophy is to give your pets all the love and care that you would while you're away and, in so doing, to remove your anxieties about leaving them behind.

We perform overnight in-home pet care services for those animals that are more comfortable in their own home than a boarding facility. Even if you're not out of town and just have to work during the day, we have daytime dog walking services as well as in-home pet care. We also provide care for special needs animals as well as puppies. We love all animals and do our best to emulate their normal schedule during their family's absence.

We care for animals including dogs, cats, snakes, rats and birds. Our aquarium specialist can even clean and maintain both your fresh and saltwater aquariums to encourage a healthy environment for your fish and other aquatic life.

Although we specialize in animal care, we also take pride in our home care, whether or not you have an animal. We offer house sitting services alone or in addition to pet care including everything from picking up the mail and newspapers to watering and snow shoveling.

The Sensible Surrogate is the comfortable and smart way to keep your pets and home safe and happy while you're here or away!

The Sensible Surrogate is insured through the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Business Insurers of the Carolinas, as are all of its team members. In case of disaster, your pets, home & possessions are covered.

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